It's Time to Tame Your Wild Property

Hire the trusted land clearing company in Missoula, MT

Do you have a property that needs to be prepped for construction? Is your lot overgrown with weeds, brush and unwanted trees? It's time to take advantage of the land clearing services at DirtWood Land Management. While our standard job is about 20 to 60 acres, our team can handle lots of all sizes.

Our land clearing team can:

  • Clear and grind brush
  • Reduce the fuel for brush fires
  • Provide better tree spacing
  • Grind stumps
  • Clear roadways and trails
Don't try to deal with that overgrown lot yourself, and don't settle for a yard filled with debris. Call 406-239-5537 to discuss brush clearing in Missoula, MT today.

Do your part to prevent wildfires

Do your part to prevent wildfires

If you have a large parcel of land, clearing out overgrown brush and debris is important for preventing and controlling wildfires. By properly maintaining your land, you could save your community from destruction by fire. This type of land clearing is especially important in dry areas where land that could easily burn and spread fire to nearby towns.

Be a responsible land owner. Talk with the experts at DirtWood Land Management about whether brush clearing in Missoula, MT is right for you.