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When It Comes to Digging, We've Got You Covered

For some landscaping projects, you can do the digging yourself. But for other jobs, you're going to need the help of large equipment. Luckily, the team at DirtWood Land Management has what you need. We can handle all kinds of excavation jobs, including prepping sites for new homes. Our excavation services can assist during construction.

Our excavation team can:

  • Clean out ditches
  • Trench in water lines
  • Fix dirt roads
  • Install culverts
  • Clear out build sites
Let us know exactly how our team can help you tackle your property. For proper culvert installation to direct water runoff, contact Missoula, MT soon.

Avoid expensive property damage

Avoid expensive property damage

Proper excavation and culvert installation work will guide rainwater safely away from any structure. This is essential during construction and during household maintenance. If you've noticed standing water around your home or other building, you might need to redesign your drainage system. We can add water lines and make your whole site function better in the elements.

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